you completed a tutorial that demonstrated two possible approaches to software testing for your milestone you can use either of these approaches but be sure to consider the best practices you have learned as well as the requirements in the test plan

Prompt: Your code should meet each of the following criteria: Technically Sound • Your code should be syntactically accurate. This is a measure of the style and syntax of your program code. This will include factors such as the following: ○ Statement choice (e.g., for vs. while, nested vs cascaded if-else, appropriate use of Boolean operators, fields vs. variables) ○ Appropriate use of techniques to enhance reusability and maintainability of code (e.g., class constants, private helper methods, proper access modifiers) • Your code should be logical. This is a measure of how well your program satisfies the requirements of the assignment. This may include the following: ○ Checking that your code meets the specifications in the assignment (e.g., specific class names and method signatures) ○ Running your code against the JUnit reference tests ○ Executing your program manually and checking that it performs all required operations correctly (if not fully tested by the JUnit reference tests) ○ Inspecting your source code for bugs not uncovered by other testing methods ○ Ensuring proper methods are used, including appropriate tags (e.g., @param, @return, @before) Efficient • Your code should be concise. This is a measure of how thoroughly you have tested your own code. This will include the following factors: ○ Code does not perform unnecessary work (no extraneous fields/variables/code, data type selection, etc.) ○ Code is tested thoroughly (all code is exercised, likely sources of errors are probed, boundary cases are tested, etc.) • Your code should be modular. This is a measure of how you organized your tests (e.g., grouping tests into test suites) for each of the features. This will include the following: ○ Tests are organized to maximize testing for each of the features identified in the requirement document. ○ The purpose of each test is readily identifiable based upon the test method name and/or added comments. ○ Each test includes appropriate assertions with helpful failure messages. Additionally, your tests overall should be effective. This means that they must accurately identify at least five bugs in the application and indicate the nature of each of the identified bugs.

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