writing peer review 1

Conflict Summary Peer Review:

After reading your peer’s summary, answer the following questions in your own words. If you can’t answer the question, then let you peer know that this aspect of the summary isn’t clear:

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  • How did the conflict begin? What caused the conflict? How do the conflict’s causes contribute to its intractability?
  • How did the conflict escalate? Describe how and why the conflict escalated beyond its latent phase.
  • What is the current status of the conflict? If your conflict is de-escalating, in what stage of de-escalation is it?
  • What are some key impediments to conflict resolution?

Overall Evaluation:

  • Describe the greatest strength of the conflict summary.
  • Describe the greatest weakness of the conflict summary.
  • Does the summary appear well-researched? Are there appropriate citations?

Writing Style and Structure:

In the text, offer comments about how these could be strengthened. Be specific in pointing out examples:

  • Paragraph Flow
  • Topic Sentences
  • Paragraph Structure
  • Sentence Structure
  • Tone/ Word Choice

Please be sure to submit TWO documents:

1) Your responses t the questions on the Peer Review Conflict Summary document.

2) Your in-text comments (eg, track changes) about the paper.

Please consult the rubric for how the peer evaluations will be graded in the syllabus.

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