write a research paper outline for 2 page plus reference and title page about gerontology

this outline will be presented in short paragraphs, including a point form summary outlining your final research paper (Assignment #2).You are to select 2 – 3 prominent social issues on aging that are highlighted by the course Modules (see course syllabus). The Research Paper will contain a summary of the current (within the last 10-15 years) research from academic journals regarding your chosen social issues and an analysis of the impact of these issues on older adults and/or their families using the Critical Ecological Model

Length is to be 2 pages, this does not include your title page and reference list of four academic journal articles, plus any additional books and/or media source(s) on your topics.Paper format is to be written in American Psychological Association (APA) style, including double line spacing, 1” margins, page numbers and Times New Roman 12pt font.

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Examples of social issues: ageism, immigration, multi-culturalism and aging, “successful aging”, quality of life, older adult mental health, loss of competency, elder abuse, cost of healthcare, healthcare models, long-term care versus community care, sexuality and aging, challenges faced by family caregivers.

Academic journals are peer-reviewed sources that introduce new research and/or a critique of existing research.One method to find academic journals is the use of databases.you should select ‘gerontology’ as the subject and ‘articles’ as the type, you will find the recommended databases for this type of research.Some commonly used databases are AgeLine, CINAHL, PsycINFO and SocINDEX.

Steps to complete Assignment #1:

  • Choose 2-3 topics you are interested in.Start searching for resources relevant to your topics to see if there is ample information to write your paper.Ensure your topics are inter-related, this makes it easier for you to conduct research and to write your paper.
  • Create a title page.Please include assignment name, your name and student I.D. number, course name/number, instructor’s name and due date.
  • Write an introduction, which includes an overview of the assignment.This should include the purpose of the paper (see the opening paragraph), what your chosen 2-3 social issues are and their significance to aging.
  • Use the next couple of paragraphs to provide a brief picture of the current research you have found thus far regarding your chosen social issues. (HINT: you may want to write one paragraph per social issue).
  • Conclude Assignment #1 with a point form outline of how you will present your research paper.The point form summary outline should follow the APA format. (See https://papersowl.com/blog/apa-research-paper-outline).
  • On a separate page, complete the Reference List according to APA style.Please include references used in the research paper outline (with in-text citations) as well as additional potential resources.

Review your assignment for any spelling or grammatical errors.HINT: reading a paper aloud allows you to check for grammatical errors and readability.

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