write a monologue based on the requirements

First, make sure you are majoring Theatre or Drama before you begin your work!

Here are the original requirements of this work:

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As stated in Announcements we are trying something new this term based off previous classes wanting more sharing. We will be using the discussion board for this assignment. After you submit your assignment you will be able to see others writings. This way you can see other classmates creativity and approach to the story.

In this class we will write a monologue- one person speaking. Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1- View the photos in this module. Photo page. Choose one to use as your inspiration for your monologue.

Step two: Using one of the photos as inspiration develop a character then write a short monologue (no more than 1 page) A Monologue is one actor speaking. Shakespeare used these often. You might of even had to memorize a monologue in your high school English or Drama class. Some ideas-You should know your characters wants likes fears, After your rough draft edit your monologue- no need for repeats. See the example of a monologue I attached from a new play called Cicada. View in Module page Monologue.

If you get stuck- there are lots of websites even videos online giving their insights into writing a monologue. I find though starting out, it is easier for me to think as though I am the character telling a story to friends or trying to persuade someone to do something.

Please keep your monologue PG. Remember that most of the scene needs to be about your character TALKING…scripts are about what the characters are SAYING. You can write some actions or stage directions, but you really need to concentrate on the dialogue.

The photos page for you to select has been uploaded below. And the example of the Monologue from Cicada also uploaded. You need to have a check of them!

This work should contains about 350 words. It is very important to me, so high quality must be ensured. It needs the original work!

Looking forward to your high quality work!

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