write a essay discussing the ways that concepts of color race and enslavement have evolved from ancient times until the advent of the atlantic slave trade

PAGES: 5-6

BOOK: Gomez, Michael A., Reversing Sail: A History of the African Diaspora (2005)

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  • evidence indicating how differences in color and/or culture affected attitudes relations between Africans and other groups in various time periods.
  • Evidence regarding factors (cultural, religious, social, economic) shape these attitudes and relations.
  • Similarities and differences in how slavery has been perceived and dealt with in the context of major religions discussed in our texts.
  • Factors that may explain how when and how color or racebased prejudice emerged.
  • features that distinguish Western Hemisphere slavery from otherprevious forms.
  • Factors that explain the variations of race, color, and slavery that emerged among Western Hemisphere slave regimes.

This list of reference points is intended to be suggestive and evocative. The objective is to write a coherent, integrated essay (not an itemized list) that encompasses these (or other) issues to the degree they are relevant to the points you want to make.

Pay attention to grammar, organization, coherence (“flow”) and clarity of expression. Use original language, your own writing “voice” to make assertions and observations. Support them with properly cited quotations and citations. Any citation format may be used, but each citation must include page numbers. A “works cited” page should be included.


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