write a 350 to 700 word 1 to 2 page description of the company that includes the following

Pick an existing, medium or large sized company which has an on-ground as well as an online presence.

It should be a company which has published and available information in popular press/media.

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You should have access to some personnel in the company’s IT department who would be willing to give you an hour of their time at least twice during the duration of the course, ideally at least in Week 2 and Week 6.

Feel free to utilize your own company where you are working or if you own a business. Spend time and thought on this and choose your company wisely!

Write a 350- to 700-word (1- to 2-page) description of the company that includes the following:

· Its name· Size· Employees· Products and services· Markets and consumers

Generate between 3 to 5 critical business problems for your company which could be better solved using technology solutions.

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