why is it so important to formulate your brief for a data presentation discuss some ways you would implement to formulate an effective brief what are some advantages to your methods what are some disadvantages 1

Reply for below 2 posts. APA format and 100-150 words each post

Discussion 1:

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The summary is a way to communicate business goals and objectives to customers and stakeholders. It is important to provide information to clients and partners, so providing the right information for the right outcome is important. Effective data presentation leverages the relationships between the presenter and the client and ensures that data is presented in a clear and accurate manner to attract and understand people’s attention (Kirk, 2016). Data presentation can have large volumes of variable data, and using the right formulation method facilitates viewer understanding, knowledge and interest. Graphic representation is one of the methods for formulating effective data presentation. Graphics provide an interesting way to present data to your audience. Graphics have the advantage of presenting short data because it presents information to presenters (Kirk, 2016). In fact, many graphs, such as histograms, can use attractive colors to draw people’s attention (Kirk, 2016). In addition, bar charts are easy to read, interpret and understand. One of the drawbacks of using charts as a short data presentation method is that viewing listings can hide data that may be of interest to the public. (Creese, S. (2020))

Furthermore, presenting complex data in graphs can be a joy to the viewer. Another limitation of using charts is that they are limited to the number of variables they can display; so if the data is varied, it will become inappropriate. Using an account can help to introduce data statistics to your audience. Usually it goes with data slides. This method gives the presenter a golden chance to convince the audience. The presentation can win the viewer depending on the credibility of the speaker. This method can be advantageous if the presenter is well communication ability and confidence. Speaking can make the viewer angry and fail to see this data. The method of formulating a brief presentation of data is very important for the ease of viewing and understanding the success of a presentation are the advantages of the presenters so that they can communicate effectively with their audience. (Bowman, L. N. (2019))


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Discussion 2:

Creating an effective presentation is very important and the data presentation process plays a key role in the user’s understanding and interest. Especially the presentations should collect the DATA. The data is highly variable, which keeps changing the data. In order to build a data presentation, presentations should depend on product history, current trends, and future growth. So it is very important to formulate your presentation for data presentation. (Lloyd, A. J. (2019))

Some ways to make an effective summary, first, are to analyze your customer’s numbers, charts, and so on. Make the slide based on customer analysis. Your presentation should always be interactive and match color and lettering. Always show a futuristic approach to your presentation, and showcase the study of the topic you are presenting. (Lloyd, A. J. (2019))

Here are a few points to assist make presentation more efficient in particular:

Examine your client / audience. Define the purpose of the presentation clearly. Prepare the slideshow of the presentation, according to the purpose given. Give all the data and relativistic figures. Use a good color scheme for your presentation. Always use effective font and size. Do not use all text in the slideshow. Use diagrams and histograms to get a better understanding. Interpret the future result with the expert. Finally give me a solution. Prepare your conclusion. (Lloyd, A. J. (2019))

The advantages of using this method are:

Every client / audience will be interested in your presentation.

Better understanding of customer data

It will help you deliver information efficiently. (Kirk, A. (2016)

The disadvantage of using this method is:

Some clients like presentation with plenty of written text. So, putting more pictures on the slide can be damaging.

Font size, font style, etc. should be used effectively for text.

More of the word courage has a customer disinterest and is more offensive. (Kirk, A. (2016)


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