what sorts of pleasure does bissell find in games how are these pleasures connected or in tension with one another

Please read the article on PAGE 214 then answer the following questions…

Part I.

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Please answer Question 2 on page 222: “Bissell asserts: ‘The pleasures of the open-world game are ample, complicated, and intensely private; their potency is difficult to explain’ (paragraph 4). What sorts of pleasure does Bissell find in games? How are these pleasures connected or in tension with one another? How, in his prose style and manner of arguing, does Bissell wrestle with the difficulty of explaining these pleasures?”

Answer the question in at least 250 words. Be thoughtful. Give consideration to each part of the overall question.

Part II.

Please answer question 4 on page 222. “Bissell concludes his essay with a series of questions. What is the effect of this gesture? Write a response that responds to these questions. If you are a gamer, consider relating your own experiences to Bissell. If not, consider interviewing a gamer or writing about an activity that is important to you.” Your answer should be at least 250 words!!!

Online book link: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/97803932…

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