what principles from bureaucratic administrative and scientific management theories do you see evidence of from your observation

Hello, i have an online assignment which is required to select one of these three activities that i mention below bring 5 example and do these three steps:


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unfortunately I don’t have the book yet i tried to find it as a PDF online but I couldn’t find it, the book is Textbook Neck, Lattimer, and Houghton (2013).Management (1st ed.) but i think you can do it without book. if you think you need the book let me know.

Select ONE activity from the following three choices. Once you have completed your observation, complete the following questionnaire. You must answer all five questions by providing 5 different examples, and fill in each text box completely to receive credit for this assignment.

1. View the following movie clip (also posted as a link in Moodle) and then answer the following questions:

Modern Times – Modern Times – Factory work ( 3:21 min) (Youtube)

2. Conduct a 30 minute observation at McDonalds and then answer the following questions:

3. Watch 30 minutes of an American football game and then answer the following questions:


What principles from Bureaucratic, Administrative, and Scientific Management theories do you see evidence of from your observation?

  1. Cite five specific examples from your observation;
  2. Identify the principle illustrated by each example;
  3. Provide a brief explanation to support why you used this example to identify the corresponding principle.
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