weight of the nation part three

weight of the Nation PART 3

Copy and paste the web link below in your browser and watch Weight of the Nation Part 3- Children in Crisis http://theweightofthenation.hbo.com/films/main-fil… Write 1 full page summary essay and in a second page answer all the questions below. Answer questions and complete the summary in 2 full pages minimum.Childhood obesity is not just a problem of appearance and self-esteem it is a great health concern. What are some of the health risks obese children face? 2. What are some of the strategies discuss in the documentary to help children reduce weight or prevent future weight gain? 3. Describe how the schools are contributing to the obesity problem in children and how can schools help children lose weight and be healthy?

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Basic Instructions on how to write a summary

Attached Files:

Basic Instructions on How to Write a Summary

A summary is produced to show your Professor that you have watched the Weight of the Nation documentary and understood it.

1. Watch the video and be sure you understand it before writing the summary.

2. Outline the video major points as you watch it.

3. Write a first draft of the summary after you watched the video (not while watching it).

4. Always use paraphrase when writing a summary. If you do copy a phrase from the original be sure it is a very important phrase that is necessary and cannot be paraphrased. In this case put “quotation marks” around the phrase.

5. Start your summary with a clear identification of the type of work, title, author, and main point in the present tense. Example: In the feature Video “Weight of the Nation Part ___”, the author, _____, explains that _______________.

6. Check with your outline and your summary draft to make sure you have covered the important points. You will need to include only the main idea and supporting facts. You can include some other things, but do not re-write the whole story.

7. A Summary do not includes your own ideas, opinions, or interpretations, be very careful of your word choice and refer to the video main points and the author’s statements.

8. Write using “summarizing language.” Periodically remind your reader that this is a summary by using phrases such as the documentary claims, the author suggests, etc.

8. Proof read and spell-check the summary draft before submission.

9. Follow the instructions given regarding the length of your writing.

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