watch a netflix video less than 15 mins research in the science behind it write two single spaced paper with references

1- watch TED Talk video (14min 43 sec) about engineering heart tissue.

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2- research in the science behind it ( ex: when the talker says derive cells from another part of the body; a good research point will be ” which part of the body may be more effective” ex2: when she says convert these cells to stem cells status then to adult beating cells, a good research point will be how? what is the process? what kind of biological factors to add? how long does it take?….. another examples to fill the papers I leave to you…) I would appreciate resources with credibility!

3- write two ((((((single spaced)))))) 12 font ” Times New Roman” normal margin papers (As the style goes, I would like an overview of the video content, then get into deep stuffs explaining the process in Tissue Engineering for the heart tissue with in text citations).

please include the final reference too.

Thank you so much.

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