update from previous submission see attached

Update your working document from Unit 3

You will add the following sub-project plans to your MS Word project management plan document from Unit 3:

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  1. Quality Management Plan: List which project deliverable s you need to ensure quality for and how you will do so. This section should be specific to your project, and it should cover the 3 quality management process components: Plan Quality Management, Manage Quality, and Control Quality.
  2. Resource Management Plan: This section should include details on how you will acquire, develop, manage, and control your project resources.
  3. Project Communications Management Plan: In a table format, create a communications management matrix and include with whom you will communicate, what you are going to communicate with them about, how often, and via what means (include other details as you see fit).
  4. Risk Management Plan: In a table format, create a Risk Register (in Excel or Word) showing risk ID, risk name, description, risk category, impact, probability, trigger(s), risk owner(s), and risk response plan. You will need to show at least 8 negative and positive risks.
  5. Procurement Management Plan: Remember, the software has already been purchased. So unless you will contract a third party or purchase additional equipment, this section should be limited to how you will acquire your project human resources. Include how you will plan procurement management, conduct procurement, and control procurement s.
  6. Stakeholder Management Plan: You already created a Stakeholder Register; in this section, define how you will manage stakeholder engagement and expectations.In one cohesive document should address project closure. This should include the following:
    • Create a project closure section with all the necessary closure actions including:
      • Making certain all project documents are up-to-date
      • Formal approvals of all the project deliverables
      • Reassigning project personnel
      • All costs have been charged
      • All contracts have been satisfied and contractors have been paid and released
      • Feedback gathering and lessons learned
      • Transfer product or result to operations or another team
      • Archive project records
      • Celebration of success
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