UBC HPV Vaccines Mandatory for Children

INDIVIDUAL DISCUSSION: chose one of the options listed below and answer the provided prompts in your main discussion post. The maximum number of words is 500 (citations are part of your word count but the reference list is not). You are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and to support your arguments/ideas/concepts with evidence from credible external sources that should be cited and referenced. Concrete examples/scenarios may also be useful to illustrate your ideas.

You should also consider at least 3 credible sources which should be cited and referenced using APA . Please consider the second half of Module 1 (Assessing Credibility) and the hierarchy of evidence when choosing your sources. Aim to use strong sources from peer-reviewed scientific journals and avoid general websites (you can also use lectures notes and the textbook, but these will not count as part of your 3 external sources).

Please mention Option 1 or Option 2 at the beginning of your discussion post. You must include the option, discussion and reference list all in the same post. Additional posts as “add-ons” will not be considered.

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Option 1: Read the article about HPV and Oral Cancer listed in the current readings for Module 10 and discuss the following question: Should HPV vaccines be mandatory for children? You should consider the thesis/antithesis/synthesis approach. For example, if you feel the HPV vaccine should be mandatory, you would present your arguments ‘for’ in your first paragraph (thesis), then present your arguments ‘against’ in your second paragraph (antithesis). If you feel the HPV vaccine should not be mandatory, you would do the opposite (arguments against in your thesis paragraph and arguments for in the antithesis paragraph). And finally, in either case, you provide a brief summary (synthesis) to conclude and answer the question of whether you are for or against based on your prior arguments. A synthesis can of course be nuanced.


Option 2: Briefly research the relationship between the Covid-19 restrictions and the prevalence of the seasonal flu, and even outbreaks of other diseases such as measles (one paragraph suggested). From your research, you may find that the seasonal flu and measles outbreaks have decreased significantly or have all but gone from the landscape. What can we learn from this in terms of how effective some measures can be in preventing the transmission of some diseases while others continue to spread? (two paragraphs suggested).

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