systems theory 4

  • Ecological Systems

Discuss and examine the ecological systems present to individuals who are experiencing the issue you are examining on a local or national level. Focus on the environment, government, ecological, and other forces that impact individuals and groups with this concern. Explain how ecological theory contributes to the maintenance of that issue and how adjustments within the ecological paradigm can create change that impacts individuals struggling with their concerns.

How does Bronfenbrenner’s concept of ecological development challenge the strict use of stage developmental processes in human development? Of what importance is it to know the ecological systems concepts in understanding the implementation of programs in the community provided for ethnically, economically, and socially diverse individuals?

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  • Systems Theory

Forte’s expansive description of systems theory provides a solid basis for understanding the concept of systemic thinking within a social organization that is created across disciplines. Understanding leadership, advocacy, participation, and encouragement to contribute to the system develops responses that are valid and applicable to the issues you may be examining in such a group. Issues of cultural diversity must also be considered as responses in systems theory approaches and should vary according to the needs of groups.

The concept of systems theory as only a clinical or organizational component is expanded as we understand the power, resources, participants, structure and problem-solving skills that can be incorporated in a unique way. The clients, participants, stakeholders, and interested individuals who understand a systemic approach to addressing community issues and creating a stable system that can focus on addressing community issues, benefit from the simplicity of the concept of systems and organizations. Systems theory provides another perspective from which to view your issue. This lens allows you to divide the components of the issue and view them in metaphorical ways.

After reading Forte’s concepts of systems theory, explain how systems theory and the association of images with systems theory enhances your understanding of the issue you have chosen to study. Would the application of concepts from systems theory and your personal understanding of how clinicians may utilize theory in working with groups, contribute to your ability to manage a group that has united to resolve community issues or provide support for concerns?

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