submit summaries for readings 3 4 and 5 around 2 pages for each

1. What is the Fourth Amendment? What does it cover?
2. What are the procedural and factual histories of the Carpenter case? Note, procedural history relates to how the case progressed through the federal court system.
3. Briefly discuss how, if at all, changes in technology impact Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.

READING 3: Introduction to the Federal Court System

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READING 5: Protecting Electronic Privacy by Erwin Chemerinsky


    ● Provide full citation in MLA (or APA) format
    ● Summarize the text in your own words and make sure to cover the main argument of the source. Include a description of the methods the author/s used to develop the argument.
    ● Identify at least important terms or concepts from the reading, as well as words to which you do not know the definition. Define each one according to how the term is used in the reading.
    • Select three quotations that are important and relevant from each reading. Write out each quote, paraphrase its meaning in your own words, and then interpret and analyze it in terms of the reading as a whole.
    • For the second and subsequent readings, write several sentences of synthesis explaining specifically how the terms and concepts in the quotations you selected connect to the texts in your previous summaries, and trace areas of agreement and disagreement between the readings.
    • Identify any new questions you came up with while reading.

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