Signs and symptoms

• Construct a 3-fold brochure, 2-page pamphlet, or a brief Powerpoint presentation (4 or 5 slides) on the topic of your choice..
• Using evidence-based research, design and develop a Parent Guide for your assigned disorder( Tourette Syndrome)
• Signs and symptoms
• Pathophysiology
• How the disorder is diagnosed
• Treatment options

Learning disorders and motor disorders can be difficult for parents to understand. They often have many questions that go unanswered and can create considerable misunderstanding. This misunderstanding can damage the child/parent relationship. The PMHNP can answer questions and provide guidance for the family in order to help reduce the uncertainty of the disorders.
For the Discussion, you will work with your group again to develop a Parent Guide for your assigned disorder.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
• Analyze signs and symptoms of learning and motor disorders in childhood
• Analyze pathophysiology of learning and motor disorders in childhood
• Analyze diagnosis and treatment methods for learning and motor disorders in childhood
• Evaluate Parent Guides

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