short answer 105

Directions: Please answer the following questions in 2-3 paragraphs. Your answers should directly relate to our course. Accordingly, I encourage you to use specific examples from our readings, lectures, and discussions.

  1. Question related to Deficit Thinking: Read the following passage [I will provide a short passage/example of deficit thinking on the exam]. Pretend that you are talking to a friend or family member. Start by giving your friend or family member a definition of deficit thinking that they can understand. Then, explain why the passage provided is an example of deficit thinking and why it’s problematic.
  1. In his article, Gorski (2019) highlights several “racial equity detours.” In your own words, describe one of these equity detours. Why is it problematic? Give an example of how this plays out in our schools. Finally, briefly identify one of the five equity literacy principles that help us to avoid racial equity detours.
  1. Describe some of the problems with the model minority myth. How does it negatively affect Asian students? How does it affect non-Asian students of color (e.g., Black, Latinx, Indigenous or Native students). What can teachers do to better serve Asian students?
  1. In one video (TED Talk, start – 4min 8sec) Lee Mun Wah shared some of his schooling experiences. At one point he statd, “I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t realize…that I didn’t throw away just my food, I threw away a part of myself.” Considering what we have read about and discussed so far in this course, interpret what Lee Mun Wah meant. How does Lee Mun Wah’s experience relate to what we have been reading about and discussing in class thus far? (hint: you may want to discuss any or all of the following– Americanization, internalized oppression, microaggressions, racism).
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