Selecting and Supporting a Topic

Topic 1 – Selecting and Supporting a Topic


Directions: Please use the research paper that you submitted in PSY 452: Experimental Psychology to complete this assignment. If you are currently enrolled in PSY 452 or took Experimental Psychology at another institution, please select a topic that you would like to research and complete the questions below. A minimum of three to four peer-reviewed journal articles must be used to support this assignment. Use appropriate APA style to format in-text citations and a full reference list.

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Answer each question below in a minimum of 100 words. The answers you present should be supported with peer-reviewed journal articles.

Present your topic and why you chose it. Why does additional research need to be conducted on this topic? Please note, you can have a personal interest in the topic you selected, but you must also have support from the research that suggests that your topic is one that needs to be researched. Therefore, use 2-3 peer-reviewed sources to support your response.


The topic you selected needs to be turned into a problem that can be researched. What is the problem you would like to address? Present your thesis statement or research question(s).



Review the methods section in the paper you submitted in PSY 452. Describe the research method used conduct your study. Or describe the method you will use to conduct this study (if you have not completed PSY 452). Why is the method you selected the best one to address the problem you are proposing to research?

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