Task Description: This assessment item enables уou to demonstrate your understanding of:
1. the regulation of medications in Australia;

2. the principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics;

3. the roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals involved in the medication cycle;

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4. the factors that contribute to medication errors (and near-miss incidents), and possible strategies.

Structure and Format The workbook should be completed as a word document and presented in accordance with the Assignment Presentation Formatting Guidelines (which can be accessed via the Health Writing and Referencing Guide -also on the left hand tab menu). Please include each of the questions as a heading, and they will not be included in the word count. You are reminded that each answer must be structured so that if conforms with requirements of academic writing. This will require appropriately structured paragraphs, rather than dot points. No introduction or conclusion required. Please refer to the Health Writing and Referencing guide for further information.

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