read the text book american government e2 chapter4 amp 5 and answer two questions double space 1 page per question please write two different assignments because one of them is for my classmate so total will be 4 pages of writing 1

Chapter 4 Question (10 points) (half a page or more of writing per question/response):According to the text, there is a right to privacy generally in the Constitution (Bill of Rights) and further formulated and refined in Supreme Court cases. In terms of online privacy, do you believe this right to privacy extends to the internet/social media? Are you concerned with your privacy online? If so, how exactly? If not, why not? If you think there should be protections on privacy online, what do you suggest we do to provide further protections ? consider this article:

Chapter 5 Question (10 points – half a page or more) From your reading of the chapter, are civil rights throughout


history self-enforcing? Meaning, if there is a civil rights violation does the government or courts immediately and automatically come to your rescue and assert your civil rights claim? What does the nature of how civil rights have been won tell us about how groups achieve civil rights and any lessons for groups fighting for rights in the future? Again, feel free to bring in outside sources of information and cite properly.

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