read below very carefully 350 to 400 words 1

Option D: Discuss the development of the Ottoman Empire, indicating important early rulers and the importance of Islam in the Empire. Why do you think the Ottoman Empire was able to become so powerful? What would you say was a consequence of Ottoman rule, or some consequences, for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East?

http:// www. uk/religion/religions/ islam/history/ ottomanempire_1. shtml

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http:// www. theottomans. org/ english/index.asp

http:// www. metmuseum. org/ toah/ hd/ grot/ hd_ grot. htm

http:// www. pbs. org/ wgbh/ aia/part1/1 narr1. html

http:// www. uk/ worldservice/ africa/features/ storyofafrica/index_section9. shtml

http:// www. GhanaHomePage/history/slave-trade

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