Rasmussen College Module 05 Healthcare Reform and Long Term Care

Module 5 Discussion


It is more and more challenging to keep healthcare facilities in rural areas afloat. Far too many are closing their doors, as they lack the financial resources to continue to offer services. For this discussion, you will be conducting research on a rural community in your home state. (Submit 1 page)

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Initial Post:

Find a hospital that has had to close its doors and share details about what led to the closure. What were some of the challenges? What could have been done, if anything, to ensure their success?

Module 5 – Healthcare Reform and Long-Term Care


There has been a marriage of state and federal government, through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) around the issue of long-term care for the disabled and elderly. States have worked to expand Medicaid home and community-based services. This has been a growing area, as patients and families seem to prefer this over facility-based long-term care.

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