Find a minimum of 4research articles related to nursing or medicine.
• Part 1: Complete the chart for eacharticle (4 total).
• Part II: Write a summary. See specific criteria below.
Part I:
Use this table to assist you when analyzing the research that is most relevant to the topic.
Put the source citation in APA here along with a link to the source.
Elements for Analysis
Review Findings

Why was the study done?
What is the problem as it is presented in the research study article?
Will the study solve a problem relevant to nursing?

(Make sure that the study is directly relevant to yourtopic/ and or clinical question.)

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What is the study setting?

(Include who, where and when.)
What is the sample size? (Size can and should vary according to the nature of the study.)

What was the process for randomization?

Are instruments of the variables in the study clearly defined and reliable?

What are the independent and dependent variables in this study?
Are the operational definitions of the variables given? If so, are they concrete and measurable?
Is the research question or the hypothesis stated? What is it?

(Make sure the variables were consistently applied throughout the study and that they measured what the research said they were going to measure.)

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