questions about adolescent psychology

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Assignment 1 (Chapter 1-4)

1. Discuss the psychological and social impact of puberty in terms of (1) the relationship between puberty and self-esteem, (2) puberty and adolescent moodiness, (3) puberty and family relationships, and (4) puberty maturation and peer relationships. (30pts)

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2. Explain adolescent risk taking from (1) the perspective of behavioral decision theory and discuss (2) how we can reduce adolescent risk taking. (20 pts).

3. Explain (1) the term “emerging adulthood” and discuss (2) whether this new developmental time period is universal. (20pts)

4. (1) Explain two aspects of the parent’s behavior toward the adolescent and (2) the four basic parenting styles and (3) describe how authoritative parenting works. (30pt)

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