quantitative analysis 45

For this assignment, you will need to perform a quantitative analysis on the below scenario. Please write your response in a brief APA formatted report.

Quantitative Analysis

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You are the manager of desktop support for NASA. You are responsible for purchasing and managing all of the laptops NASA distributes to employees. There are 700 laptops currently in service. All of the laptops randomly leave the building and serve a mobile workforce. Read the following articles your CIO brought to you for consideration:



Compute the SLE, ARO, ALE and safeguard value based on the information in these articles for a report your CIO plans to submit as a solution. For the safeguard value, find and price an appropriate physical and software solution(s) to safeguard theft and data loss. Once you pick a product, include a link to the page for pricing and item description. Present the realized savings in your report and the benefits of the solution you choose for safeguarding the laptops. Don’t forget to include your equations for ARO, ALE, safeguard value and realized savings calculations.

Minimum 2 peer reviewed articles as reference

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