PUBH6003: Health systems and Economics

This assessment is aimed at developing student’s ability to reflect on their learning and discuss content and share ideas in a professional online environment. The assessment will develop cognitive and critical thinking skills essential for a career in public health.
By prescribing this assessment, students will develop their academic writing, researching and referencing skills as well as their ability to effectively summarise information. This assessment allows students to broaden their own understanding of each topic through engaging in academic discourse, while developing their skills to engage in formal discussions with their peers.
Part A: covering modules 1 to 3 (due at the end of each modules, 1, 2, 3)
Part B: covering modules 4 to 6 (due at the end of each modules 4, 5, 6)
Step 1: In the Assessment 3 Discussion Forum, post a comment in regard to ONE discussion topic related to EACH module (Refer to module discussion topics provided by your lecturer)
Step 2: Post on at least one other discussion forum post. It is important to note that posting once does not constitute a discussion, and students are to return to the discussion forum to further engage with other students’ posts.
Interact in the Discussion Forum by commenting, debating, and adding to the Discussion Forum posts of your fellow students. It is expected that you will add at least one post to one of your fellow student’s posts. Academic debate and discussion must always be conducted with care and respect.
Points to consider:
This discussion relates to content delivered in Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.1.
Students must demonstrate accurate referencing technique according to APA 6th edition.
Suggested word count: 200 words per module (1,000 words in total) (+/- 10%)
To complete this task, students are encouraged to:
•complete the weekly learning content.
•seek out further research materials on this topic from authoritative text books, peerreviewed journals, and academic online sources.
•do a spelling and grammar check and proof read your work to ensure ideas are clear andflow logically. Great ideas can get lost in sentences that are difficult to understand.

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