PUBH6000: Social, Behavioural and Cultural Factors in Public Health

Read the scenario provided by your lecturer and develop a report draw from your critical analysis and applying theory into practice. The scenario will be provided separately.
1. Seek further information to provide a brief context of the population in the scenario and assess the potential health problem among the population based on the given scenario and context.
2. Use the Ecological Model to analyse factors relevant to the scenario that influence health behaviours and health outcomes of the population in the following perspectives
• Intrapersonal level
• Interpersonal level
• Community level
3. Critically recommend a health intervention(s) that would be appropriated to address those key social determinants and scenario context.
Please read the guidance on how to develop this assessment in the template.
It is compulsory to use the assessment template which is attached with the scenario of assessment 2.

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