professional ethics statement an ethical mind

Professional Ethics Statement: An Ethical Mind

This week, you have exercised your rational mind through a series of ethical analyses and critical conversations. You have examined some core theories that continue to influence the ethical landscape in society.

Write a well-reasoned, scholarly discussion about the nature of your ethical mind, which synthesizes the various elements of your ethical learning this week. Questions for reflection:

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  • In what ways do the spiritual and/or ethical perspectives of Dallas Willard (1999), Albert Borgmann (2006), Parker Palmer (2009), and other authors in this week’s literature provide additional support to your study of ethical theory?
  • As an integrated and organic being, how do you find the role of mind and body working together in your ethics?
  • How much value do you place and should you place upon rationality in your evaluation of your ethics and humanity? You will examine this further in next week’s study of your core-self (or, “soul”).

Next week you will be discussing the work of Parker Palmer (2009) on the care of the soul. You may choose to comment on how you view the soul influencing your mental deliberation.

Write no more than two pages, APA format and style. Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Click here for information on course rubrics.


Borgmann, A. (2006). Real American ethics: Taking responsibility for our country [eBook]. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press. Retrieved from…

Palmer, P. J. (2009). A hidden wholeness: The journey toward an undivided life. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Willard, D. (1999). Jesus the logician. Christian Scholar’s Review, 28(4), 605‒614. Retrieved from…

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