You are a professional event planner and your task is to develop a detailed plan for staging an event for your clients. This is not a report but evidence of your event concept and planning.

Please include the following in your portfolio:
*Summary of your market/audience, clients profile
*Choose the event theme, visual materials to illustrate your event concept e.g. storyboard, mood board or presentation, graphic with words highlighting what experience you are trying to create for your audience. You should bring the event concept to life for us.
*Concept of the event – deciding the time of the event, season/time of the year, days and time
* Schedule for the duration of the event e.g. what will happen during the event.
*Where will the event be staged? What is the best destination, location, venue (needs of the event, audience comfort, accessibility, cost, details of the venue/site including a map showing its location and plans of the venue, if appropriate, transport to, from and around the venue, parking, matching with the event theme and size, past events –reputation, availability, venue configuration/set up, access for audience, performers, VIPs, staff, and disabled people, detailed staging (power and lights, amount of power needed, emergency power, safety factors, catering
*Marketing materials to show how you are going to promote the event or invitations. How to design an invitation if a private event. Include a summary/ some explanation of why you have taken this approach showing you understand the theory
*A Gantt chart identifying all the activities you need to undertake in the planning stage up to and after the event.
*An organisational chart identifying the key members of staff and/or volunteers. A summary of your recruitment strategy (if appropriate), induction and training programmes.
*A list of key suppliers for the event e.g. marquee, entertainment, lighting, catering.
*A detailed income and expenditure budget showing where the money will come from for the event e.g. ticket sales, sponsorship, or if it is a wedding, savings or a loan and also your expenditure e.g. marquee, catering, marketing, security.
*If your event has sponsors we expect you to tell us who you are going to approach and what your ‘ask’ will be. We also expect the sponsorship process to be reflected in your Gantt Chart
*A risk assessment for your event.
*Identification of legal contracts you require – we do not expect you to write them, but show us that you realise you need them, for what and with whom.
*Licenses – again, you must tell us what, if any licenses you need and show in your event plan where you get them from and how long they take to secure. Illustrate this in the Gantt Chart as well.
*Identification of any Health and Safety legislation you need to consider, who is responsible and explain how this will impact on your event.
* An environmental policy for the event if you are organising it, or if you are having a wedding or other private event, show us how you are going to ensure your wedding is environmentally friendly. We want you to show us you know how to ‘green’ an event.
*An evaluation plan – how will you measure the success of your event? This will vary according to the type of event you are organising.
* Students must not repeat themselves when using mood-boards, pictures, videos, text or other relevant material. Each part used should add value to the project. Submitting more things in your portfolio does not necessarily mean you will get a higher mark.
As we are free to choose what we want to do and organize as professional event planners I’ve decided to go for a birthday party for an 18 year old girl. I would like this to be happening in London, England, but everything is up to us, as we are making the story as to where are the clients from, what is their budget, their expectations, but everything needs to make sense and show that I know how to do it and not missing anything, it needs to be a very detailed plan, it needs to touch every aspect when planning such event. I am counting on your creativity and help as I am not sure who could be my clients, I thought maybe a high profile professionals working for famous TV shows and their daughter who turns 18 ( if 18 how we go about guests that aren’t 18 yet and alcohol) that want it to be the best birthday party for her and the theme would reflect her personality.

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