This paper will cover the following topics: (please make sure to include these prompts as section dividers/headers in your paper) 1. Human Services Practice Settings–What are some of the settings noted in your text in which human services professionals serve? Which of these settings stand out to you the most (pick 1-3) and why? DISCLAIMER: Please feel free to be more personal in this paper than the previous one as this one is “reflective” in nature and promotes self-discovery/exploration. 2. Specific Needs of_____(name of the population you’d like to work with)–Pick one or two of the practice settings that stood out to you the most and provide some up to date statistics (2006-2016) from trusted sources (e.g., SAMHSA, U.S. Department of Justice, World Health Organization, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, etc.). Summarize these statics in your own words to describe some of the needs of this population. 3. How to be of Service-Explain how you plan to be of service in this/these setting(s) at a micro, mezzo, and macro level. What theoretical orientation do you believe will help you and your clients? What skills do you already have that will be essential? What skills do you still need to develop? Please note potential hardships you can anticipate and ways in which you can ethically prevent, minimize, and/or avoid these.

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