powerpoint in advanced general psychology

** Teacher uses Turnitin, do not plagiarize, be grammatically correct in writings. Prepare a 10 to 15 powerpoint slide reviews of the research literature on a psychological topic of your choice, using at least 10 references from peer reviewed (not Wikipedia or independent web sites) psychological science research journals, during this course.The assessment of these goals will occur using the Individual Presentation Rubric in. Note that 20% of the grade is the quality of writing in slides, and I will assess your writing using the Writing Rubric in. 10% will be counted toward the proper use of APA format.

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Potential topics for your presentations include: Positive Psychology, Cross-cultural Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Health Psychology, Sport Psychology, Psychological Disorders, Psychological Treatments, Biological Treatments, etc. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list. There may be other topics that interest you, in the field of psychology.

Presentation Rubric

Content (30%)

Excellent: Content coverage is balanced among theory, methodology, and results. Content is current and interesting. Content conveys important, relevant, or pertinent information about the topic.The knowledge presented gives listener a clear sense of meaningfulness.

Good: Content coverage is minimal in one of the areas.Some content is dated (i.e., pre-1990). Information about the topic is mostly (90%) but not consistently important, relevant, or pertinent. The knowledge presented is somewhat meaningful.

Fair: Content coverage is minimal in two of the areas. Most content is dated (i.e., pre-1990). More than 10% of the information is not important, relevant, or pertinent. The knowledge is mostly superficial

Organization (20%)

Excellent: Content ―flows smoothly. The order of topics is intrinsically logical. Transitions between sections are seamless. The presentation produces coherent understanding.

Good:Order of topics is mostly logical.Some transitions between sections are missing or lack enough detail to achieve smoothness.Coherent understanding is lacking.

Fair: Flow is ―jerky. Topics in the presentation change with little or no transition. The order of topics is not logical. Coherent understanding by the listener is not obtained.

Delivery (20%)

Excellent: Presentation is polished, delivered smoothly and clearly without hesitation or gaps so that audience can easily follow. Very few uhs. Articulation/enunciation by speaker is clear. The transition from section to section is smooth. Speaker is enthusiastic about their topic. PowerPoint slides contain essential information, are not read, and support rather than compete with the speaker. Length between 9 and 11 minutes

Good:A few gaps or hesitations. Speaker is mostly articulating clearly. A few uhs. Enthusiasm for topic is mostly high but not consistent across presentation. Some PowerPoint slides are read and/or contain too much information. Length 8 to 8 minutes 59 seconds or 11 minutes and 1 second to 12 minutes

Fair:Gaps and hesitations are consistent. Grasping what the speaker is saying requires listeners’ effort. Enthusiasm for topic is minimal. PowerPoint slides are usually read and/or contain too much information.Less than 8 minutes or more than 12 minutes.

APA Format (20%)

Excellent: All writing adheres to APA format, perfectly without errors.

Good:All writing mostly adheres to APA format, with 3 errors or less.

Poor: Pervasive APA formatting errors.

Writing (10%)

Excellent:The writing includes key information/points/conclusions/content that supports the listener’s understanding of the presentation content.

Good:The writing’s content moderately supports the content of the presentation or match somewhat the content of the presentation.The writing competes with presentation and PowerPoint for the listener’s attention.

Fair:The writing’s content is not aligned with the presentation, does not support the content of the presentation, and does not facilitate listener’s understanding of the content of the presentation. The writing competes with the presentation and the PowerPoint for the listener’s attention.

Note: Excellent corresponds to grade in the 90s, Good corresponds to grade in the 80s, Fair corresponds to grade in the 70s.

The Writing Standards

  • The student will write clearly.
  • The student will write concisely.
  • The student will write with felicity of expression.
  • The student will write primarily in active rather than passive voice.
  • The student will use the correct person.
  • The student will correctly match all pronouns with their antecedents.
  • The student will present parallel ideas in parallel form.
  • The student will correctly punctuate.
  • The student will correctly spell.
  • All writing will otherwise adhere to APA format.
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