Positive Psychology in My Life

PSY385 Group Assignment 4 (15%)

“Positive Psychology in My Life” (Applying Positive Psychology)


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Description: Think about how we can improve our well-being and come up with 2-3 activities / exercises, which help us to keep our optimism, positive mindset or well-being. Students must be creative in the way that they present their Assessment 4. Your submission needs to be genuine, have depth and to show that you have thought through it well and researched it well. Students are welcome to explore their experience, demonstrate positive thinking and creativity. Please note also that you must carefully follow the expectations described in this document. Your submission should be clear (well-explained), logical and well-prepared. You have to show the relationships between theory and practice.


Step 1. (10 points pit of 100) Prepare the draft for your interactive presentation (workshop) and submit it Turnitin within provided deadline. The submission needs to include your group members details and should have a clear description including the following elements:

1. Title/ Topic (e.g.: Positive Psychology Techniques to Decrease Stress)

2. Identify the specific problem you are targeting. For example, continuing to use the example of decreasing stress, you would want to introduce the subject of stress, discuss what it does to people, how we all experience it, etc. From there, you would want to discuss here how stress is (or is not) related to happiness, creativity, positive emotions, etc.

3. Activities/exercises description : Prepare 2 longer or 3 shorter activities which you believe will enhance / maintain our well-being (e.g. meditation, yoga exercise, discussion, brainstorming etc.). Briefly describe the idea behind the activities. Please keep in mind that we will practice them during one of our sessions in Week 11 and 12. Time duration: 15-20 min. (it depends on group size). For example, if you plan a short discussion, provide few questions you will ask students.

4. Reflection (wrap up and conclude) . Measure how participants feel (before and) after gaining a new experience (e.g. emotions, thoughts, beliefs and plans for future). Ask for a very short reflection and relate it to positive psychology. For instance, you can ask to describe participants’ emotional state in 3 adjectives; to provide 3 outcomes/benefits from the activities; share the ideas of what will you use in your future, etc.

As a support, you can use knowledge taken from positive psychology books, journals or websites. Please provide a reference each time you do. (https://tools.positivepsychology.com/meaning-exercises-packhttps://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/).

Step 2. (90 points out of 100) Conducting interactive presentation (workshop) during class according to submitted draft. Pleas follow the schedule provided by your professor. It has to be related to our course “Positive Psychology”, directed on increasing of our well-being, and practiced during your presentation.

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