. Define expert power. 2. When Margaret Sanger went to Washington in the 1930s in an attempt to overturn the Comstock law, what slowed her efforts? 3. What incident sent Margaret Sanger on her pursuit of reproductive autonomy for women? 4. The author suggests that the public is convinced there are differences in behavior among the various medical specializations, and that some specialties have more expertise power because the public perceives them as more expert. Why is that not as true in nursing? 5. Although great strides have been made, there is still a vulnerable population that has been left behind. Who are those that fall into this category? 6. How can life events create vulnerability for an individual? 7. Explain the Declaration of Alma-Ata and its purpose. 8. Identify the poorest states and the wealthiest states, and explain what creates the discrepancy between Medicaid reimbursement rates throughout the different states. 9. What ways did the Affordable Care Act (ACA) attempt to reduce costs? 10. Compare American hospitals to the rest of the world. Explain the benefits and results of the comparison. 11. Roughly one-third of healthcare is considered to be unnecessary. Which option is NOT correct in regards to unnecessary treatments? a. Overtreatment is benign if it results in the maintenance of health. b. Healthy people become victims of a healthcare system using unnecessary treatments. c. Treatments can result in prolonged suffering at vulnerable times such as the end of life. d. Unnecessary treatments raise ethical issues because they take an emotional toll on people. 12. Upstream thinking is an important part of primary care because it addresses all the factors impacting the patient’s healthcare and the treatment of an acute or chronic condition. Which is NOT an appropriate goal for upstream, thinking? a. New approaches to health promotion can be initiated. b. Patient’s level of cooperation is initiated and expected. c. Healthcare actions are aimed at illness prevention d. Health maintenance is the focus for chronic conditions.

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