pastoral poetry a study in contrasts the passionate shepherd to his love marlowe amp the nymph s reply to the shepherd raleigh


Shepherd or Nymph?

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Discuss the differences between the two perspectives on love presented in The Passionate Shepherd to His Love and The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd.~~~See attached PDF

What pastoral elements does Marlowe use to create an idealized picture of rural life and his romantic fantasy? How does the poem characterize the speaker and what message does his poem convey to his beloved and the audience at large?

In his response poem, discuss how Raleigh’s use of imagery reflects a seasonal change. What contrasting ideas are conveyed through these images? How is this speaker’s attitude different from the shepherd?

Explain each perspective using textual evidence, and respond to which ideal you relate to most and why? In other words, do you see love as a romantic ideal where anything is possible, or are you more practical about love like the Nymph?

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