Parkinson Disease

Title: Parkinson’s Disease

Scenario: A 64-year-old woman is brought to her primary care provider’s office because her husband has noticed that she has not been active during the past few months, and that she “seems depressed.” She tells the nurse that her mother died from Parkinson’s disease, and she is worried that she is developing the disease because her brother was just diagnosed with it last year.

NGN Item Type: Extended Multiple Response

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Which clinical manifestations will the nurse expect to see that support a possible diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease? Select all that apply.

__X__ A. Shuffling gait

____ B. Bradykinesia

____ C. Intentional tremors

____ D. Dry mouth

____ E. Increased muscle rigidity

____ F. Hyperreflexia

____ G. Blurred or double vision

____ H. Postural instability

____ I. Sleep problems

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