our class has been asked by the provost to generate ideas on how the university can organize a campus campaign to make ucf students more aware of the importance of reducing water consumption

Your job is to generate two realistic and doable ideas.

  • The first idea has a budget of about $500. You can only use campus resources. Describe your idea. How will you measure success? Remember that printing flyers and posters is not an environmentally correct use of resources and students generally don’t pay attention to them.
  • If the first idea is successful, the provost is willing to spend approximately $5,000 on a second campaign, still targeted toward UCF students, which could involve outside resources. What you specifically propose for this campaign?

Write a paragraph for each idea with as much detail, justification, logistical thought, realism, and measures of success. Maximum length one page. Do not use “I” first person. Be sure that your budgets look reasonable.

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