Week overview
? Review of econometrics and data analysis
? Economic framework for individuals’ valuation of health and production of health
PubH 7555, Summer 17 3
? Unhealthy behaviors: economic explanations and empirical evidence

Learning Objectives on data analysis and econometrics review:

? What is the difference between a sample and a population?
? What do the sample mean and standard deviation measure?
? What do the slope and intercept from a bivariate regression measure?
? How do we use estimates from a bivariate regression to test hypotheses about a population?
? What is the difference between causation and correlation?
Learning Objectives on health behaviors
? What are some of the theories from economics for why individuals engage in unhealthy behaviors?
? What are factors leading to the rise in chronic, non-communicable diseases in lower and middle-income
? What are potential explanations for the opioid epidemic in the US?
? How effective are interventions, such as workplace wellness programs, at improving behaviors and risk

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