opposing viewpoints in context database and find three 3 articles that support your stance and 200 word pdf on types of stakeholders

Part one:

Search in GMC’s Opposing Viewpoints in Context database and find three (3) articles that support your stance (point of view) on the topic you chose for your PER 201 Critical Thinking Essay. Discuss the inferences the authors made in these articles to reach their conclusion. Summarize each article in paragraph form and discuss the inferences the authors made in these articles to reach their conclusion. Add to your work cited page making sure it is in MLA Format.

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Part two:

Read the feedback from your most recent policy post, and continue to work on the one problem you have selected. In this week’s post, conduct some additional research about your problem and share the results: 1) Using the PDF framework for activism here, determine what information you still need to collect to begin to form a recommendation for a policy solution to your problem. 2) Determine a list of five to ten people who are stakeholders involved in some way with your problem. NOTE: You will be required to pick at least one of the stakeholders to interview in Week 5 for DF 5.1, so it is important that you pick realistic stakeholders that you will have access to interview via phone, email or face-to-face. Share your list, what their titles are, how you think they are affected, and ask the class for feedback and additional ideas. Feedback can include other stakeholder recommendations, data suggestions, policy and procedure suggestions, etc. Be sure to cite references as required. In forum 4.1, you will be required to post a list of stakeholders related to your policy. The people on your lists must be INDIVIDUALS by name. An organization is not an individual.

“The Wilderness Committee” is an organization, and simply listed the organization is NOT acceptable.

Beth Clarke is the executive director of the Wilderness Committee. She would be acceptable.

Pick people that you will be able to contact as you will be interviewing one of your stakeholders next week. Unless you will be able to arrange an interview with President Trump, Oprah, or other such people, don’t put them on your list.

Go ahead and start contacting your stakeholders to arrange your interview, which may be conducted by phone, email, or in-person. Extensions will not be granted because you weren’t able to make contact with your stakeholders. Start now!!

(Minimum of 200 word on part two) I will contact them if you provide contact info.

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