NUR3846 NIU Professional Responsibility and The System of Values Worldview

Write your worldview as it relates to nursing in 1 – 2 double-spaced pages. A worldview is how one sees the world and one’s place in it. It can include elements such as what is felt to be of worth, beautiful or good, what is believed to be right or wrong, how one knows what is right or wrong, or how to determine truth. On a less abstract level, it includes values and beliefs related to people, family, friends, money, health, working, spirituality pleasure, love, moral obligation and other things. As you consider your world view as it relates to nursing, you will probably put more thought into areas such as health, well-being, dying, loss, human potential, healing, spirituality, caring, moral obligation.

To write your worldview: Provide an introductory paragraph. Then, identify three different elements of your worldview. Each element is essentially a concept. For each concept, write a paragraph to define it and then write a second paragraph to explain how it shapes your perspective on the kind of nurse you want to be. You should have a paragraph at the end that brings everything together as best you can. You can feel free to be informal or creative in your writing.

It is understood that this is a work in progress. There is no right or wrong way to do this assignment as long as you follow the broad guidelines above. The objectives of this assignment are:

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1) To provide an opportunity to develop or refine your own professional philosophy

2) To provide an opportunity to identify concepts of interest in health care and nursing. This is the first step in the concept analysis project for this course.

3) To provide a perspective from which you can evaluate theories from nursing and other disciplines as we move through the course.

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