nrp508 week 8 continuous quality improvement

Develop a step-by-step flowchart diagram with shapes and arrows depicting the legislative process. The diagram will be used to monitor your proposed health care bill’s progress through the legislative process.

Consider the following as you develop your plan:

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  • How will you ensure the bill is assigned to the appropriate committee, agency, or department?
  • How will you ensure the appropriate rules are written for the bill?

Write a 525-word paper in which you identify:

  • What role does the coalition play in the legislative process?
  • What can the coalition do to influence the bill’s passage into law?
  • If the bill is signed into law, how will you ensure that it is implemented as intended?
  • How will the effects of the law be monitored?
  • What outcomes do you anticipate will result from the bill’s passage?

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