nature vs nurture 5

Nature vs. Nurture

1. Think about: Which do you think played a more significant part in your development? The way you were raised or the genes your inherited from your parents?

2. Video Clip

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During the video clip, think about the following questions:

  • What does the first experiment tell us about the influence of parenting?
  • Why does Dr. Heinz choose monkeys to experiment on?
  • What does the second experiment tell us about the influence of genetics?

3. Watch the following videos:

a. Twins: ; Read the Jim Twins section.

b. Warrior Gene:

Now that you’ve watched the videos above, please answer the following questions in your initial post for this discussion board:

1. Which do you think is more influential in a person’s development: nurture or nature? Why?

2. How might individuals overcome

3. Which do you believe was more influential in your development: nurture or nature? Why?

You initial response should be at least 250 words. Your responses to two peers should be the same length and in 3-2-1 format.

c. City’s Childhood Poverty Third in the Nation:

d. A Nation of Wimps:

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