my question is blow 6

Today’s prompt is in two parts, please answer each, labeling them as “A” and “B”

Part A: A 2012 survey from Pew found that 17% of all Americans get “no news on a daily basis”. They also found that 31% of 18-24 year olds get “no news on an average day”. So my question for you is, where do you get your news? How do you stay informed about the world (local, national, and international news)? Do you have a “news ritual” (certain sources you like to read/watch)? Do you just randomly hear of some news via social media news feeds like Facebook or Twitter? How could you improve your “news ritual” to be a more informed person? Finally, in my own opinion, the best way to really learn about current events is to read longer-form stories, like those in magazines, or even listen to podcasts — any source which is not obsessed with breaking news and focuses on explaining/analyzing the news (Vox is a good example, even John Oliver’s satirical program). Are there sources you do (or could) turn to for more to help better understand news events?

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Part B: I’d like you to respond to my video lecture “Trump, Truth, and Journalism“. This is an open response and you can write whatever you are thinking.

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