o As a forensic mental health professional, what factors need to be considered in your psychological testing for the forensic assessment report?
o What behavioral observations do you make about the client by reading the case vignette?
o What are your assessment options in working with the client?
o What standards and accepted psychological tests might you apply to your client in forensic settings? Select from the instruments you researched in M3 Assignment 2 RA.
o How will you recognize and evaluate your client’s offender behaviors associated with malingering and deception?
o What theoretical orientation do you want to use in this case for your treatment recommendations?
o What is the case scenario you have selected?
o What is the reason for referral?
o What is the purpose of the forensic assessment and report?
o What is the nature of the problem presented in your selected case vignette?
o What is the context in which the forensic assessment report will be used?
o What is the background of your client? What are the symptoms displayed by your client and the significance they have in this case?
o What is the mental status of your client? Be sure to elaborate on every major component addressed in the mental status examination.
o What interview type and approach did you use with your client?
o What tests are appropriate to use in your forensic assessment report? Identify one intelligence test, one objective personality test, and one projective test.
o What collateral information will you use in the process of the evaluation?
o How will you present your impressions of the client?

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