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Mini Case Development based on Organizational Behavior Model Application

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Objective:To identify and assess work environments being hindered by current Organizational Behavior (OB) model application, propose a better-fit OB model, and assess anticipated results.

It is easy to cast off some of the OB models given their potential implications, but which ones to cast off are all based on an individual’s perception and the specific environment. There might just be a place for each of the models.

Based on the reading (attached), and additional journal article review if necessary, identify how application of OB frameworks, tools, and concepts can enhance individual, group, and organizational effectiveness.

You will accomplish this by writing two (2) mini cases that exhibit/display some of the OB models that you identified. Cases should be present day, but can be based on fictional or hypothetical accounts, or resemble actual situations that you are aware of. Actual accounts are preferred and usually easier to write about because they allow you to focus on OB problem situations that you might have previously identified in your work environment, and use this assignment to examine potential resolutions for these problems (please do not include any identifying information).

The five most commonly termed OB models are listed below, however, you may choose to use other models or frameworks that you have identified.

Common OB Models:

Autocratic Model

Custodial Model

Supportive Model

Collegial Model

System Model

The current OB model should be different for each case. To also explore the positive implications of various models, it is helpful to choose a different resolution OB model for each case, however, it is not mandatory.

Each case should be approximately four (4) pages in length and follow this format:

Case Title:

OB Models Highlighted:

Part I -The Case: Present a work environment that you are familiar with that seems to be hindered by the OB model it is currently operating under. Provide:

Current OB model.

Brief summary of the environment.

Assessment of why it appears that the current OB model is not the best option, including specific assessment of individual, group, and organizational effectiveness under current OB model application.

  • Ethical implications of the current OB model.

Part II –The Case Resolution:Determine a better-fit OB model option for this environment. Provide:

New model choice.

Explanation of why this model is a better-fit option, and what operation under this new model looks like.

Assessment of anticipated individual, group, and organizational effectiveness under new OB model application –It is most likely anticipated that performance will improve based on the better-fit model, however, it is possible that there could still be performance gaps, after all, no model is perfect.

Ethical implications of the new OB model –again, while the new OB model might be a better-fit, it might carry its own set of ethical implications.

Deliverables:Two (2) mini cases, each accompanied by a case resolution for a combined approximate length of four (4) pages –Total assignment: approximately eight (8) pages. All work should be completed in appropriate APA format.

Additional Sources:

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