1.  Start with the debatable topic from the humanities that you are proposing as your choice for the final Video Argument Presentation. Identify this in the TOPIC box.

2.  Next, locate at least one source of information that supports the topic and summarize it in the PROS box.  A source might be a news article, website, or professional blog.

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3.  Then, locate at least one source of information that is against the stated position and summarize it in CONS box.

4.  Finally, locate at least one source of information that represent a neutral position and summarize it in the NEUTRAL box.

5.  Cite your source in correct APA format (see APA guides in the Course Resources module) at the bottom of each box for the PRO, CON, and NEUTRAL.

6.  Now, create a formal position statement. This will state where you stand on the topic or issue. The following link is a reminder for how to write a position statement:

7.  Save the template as Word document (the rows will expand), and upload the completed table for a grade.

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