Medical marijuana will have several benefits if adhered to by state
regulation. The legalization of marijuana can cure diseases, increase national income, and
enhance public safety. First main point: Medical marijuana has been found to have significant benefits when curing
and helping with diseases. Many studies have been done with patients dealing with cancer,
epilepsy, glaucoma and other medical issues, where medical marijuana lessened patients pain and
helped with their treatments. (Christensen, 2015). Sub point 1: “In 2015, the NYU Langone Medical Center showed 50% reduction in the
frequency of certain seizures in children and adults in a study of 213 patients”, (Christensen,
Sub point 2: Whoopi & Maya is a medical marijuana company that is targeted towards helping
women with period cramps. The company offers products such as lip balms and chocolate which
reduce the pain of period cramps, (Becker, 2016). Sub point 3: Patients who smoked medical marijuana have reported that they can sleep better,
eat better and are genuinely in a better mood (Becker, 2016). 2 Second main point: Marijuana can help to increase the national income. In the United States,
It has been estimated that the US can generate billions of dollars through the legalization of
Sub point 1: Per a study from Cato, by taxing medical marijuana Federal and State government
will account for $8.7 billion from tax revenue, (Fairchild, 2013).
Sub point 2: Washington State has estimated that it would generate almost $1.9 billion over a
five-year span from the legalization of marijuana, (Fairchild, 2013).
Sub point 3: By legalizing marijuana, The U.S government can save billions through tax
revenue and reduced cost in law enforcement, (Bradford, 2012). Third main point: Legalizing marijuana is useful in enhancing the public safety.Marijuana has
been recognized as the most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S. Through the legalization of
marijuana public health policies can be put in place to help patients get the full benefit of the
drug, (Ghosh et. Al, 2016). Sub point 1: Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana sales in 2014. Through the
legalization of marijuana, it has helped with protecting individuals from misleading facts about
the drug, (Ghosh et. al 2016).
Sub point 2: In 2010, more than $50 million was spent on enforcing marijuana laws. If
marijuana becomes legal, this money can be put towards marijuana awareness programs, which
will help with public safety and public awareness, (Urquhart, 2014). 3 Sub point 3: “In Washington, court filings regarding marijuana possession have plummeted
from 5,531 in 2012 to only 120 in 2013”.

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