management of various air pollutants

• We have covered the sources, effects, controls, and management of various air pollutants in the past six weeks of class. To help you synthesize and apply what you have learned, please pick an air pollutant we have covered in the course readings and do the following:
1. What are the sources for this air pollutant in the U.S.? (10 points possible)
2. What are the human health effects of this air pollutant? (8 points possible)
3. What are the welfare effects of this air pollutant? (7 points possible)
4. Name and briefly describe one technological control of this air pollutant, including how that air pollutant is mitigated by that technology and the waste created from that technology. (15 points possible)
5. Briefly discuss the strategy and tactics used by the U.S. EPA to manage this air pollutant. ((10 points possible)
6. Explore how one other country manages that air pollutant, providing a paragraph summary of what you have found in your research. (10 points possible)

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