journal entry 2 6

Journal Entry 2

Pick 1 Topic Question

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1. “Wildwood” (Diaz 455-473): Lola and her mother have a very difficult relationship. Use at least one citation to support the difficulties illustrated in the text about their relationship. Additionally, how did Lola’s response to her mother’s cancer affect your ability to relate to Lola as a character? Did your opinion of Lola change after you learned of her mother’s response to her molestation?

2. “A Rose for Emily” (Faulkner 308-316): How do you think your vision/characterization of Emily is affected by the narrator? Is the narrator reliable? Does he paint a “true” and “accurate” picture of Emily? Consider: is the narrator’s opinion of Miss Emily at all influenced by the place (community) and time in which he lives? By his gender, class, and race? By Emily’s? If so, how? Use at least one citation as evidence.


Mays, Kelly J. The Norton Introduction to Literature: Portable 12th Edition. New York: Norton, 2017.

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