jewish studies m144 zionism and making a jewish state 1

I need help with an essay with either prompt and at least 7-8 sources.

Why Europe’s most religious Jews opposed Zionism. OR
*Why Zionism originated as a secular movement.
It is due on February 16 needs to be 4-5 page single spaced paper and my budget is about 45 bucks

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Additional comments:
*Websites do not qualify as sources unless pre-approved
*Course readings are counted as sources
*Non-English-language academic sources may be used
*All sources must be cited by way of footnotes or endnotes. A separate bibliography (i.e., works cited) is also required.
*The ideas, not just the language, of an author must likewise be cited.
*The formatting style is your choice, provided the same one is used consistently Resources

* online database for materials concerned with Jewish and Israel studies:

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