interview a manager 2

Arrange a time to interview your manager or someone you know in a managerial role. Ask the person you interview how he or she spends a typical work week. Based on the interview, provide examples of how the person performs the four functions of management.

To receive full credit for the discussion, you must comment on at least one other student’s post based on the rubric on the syllabus

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The four management functions of management are: Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling. They affect each other, are ongoing, and are performed simultaneously.

  • Planning is defined as setting goals and deciding how to achieve them.
  • Organizing is defined as arranging tasks, people, and other resources to accomplish the work.
  • Leading is defined as motivating, directing, and otherwise influencing people to work hard to achieve the organization’s goals.
  • Controlling is defined as monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and taking corrective action as needed.
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